Step 1 - Visual Inspection

Determine the material of the rug, check for any damaged areas, address highly trafficked areas.

Step 2 - Bleed Test

A test to ensure that the colors of the rug won’t bleed onto other colors.

Step 3 - Dust Extraction & Dust Reveal

Remove as much dirt and debris from deep within the fibers as possible. A bit of enjoyment and interest to see what the rugs have been through

Step 4 - Aroma Infused Bath

With our tub cleaned your rug is placed in an aroma infused bath with cleaning solution.

Step 5 - Spot Cleaning Treatment

Spot cleaning troublesome areas and making sure that we aren’t missing any details.

Step 6 - Transporting & Loading the Rug

Your rug is transported in a cradle to its next step with the utmost care.

Step 7 - Water Expulsion Therapy

Our rug centrifuge is able remove the excess water & cleaning solution in just a matter of minutes.

Step 8 - Final Examination

After removing the rug from the centrifuge, your rug is examined once more to see if we need to repeat the process or address anything further.

Step 9 - Final Drying

Once the final cleaning is complete, we hang your rug and place fans to aid in the final drying process.