Upholstery Cleaning Ventura County

Rug Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning are only just the beginning to what Kelly Cleaning’s Ultimate Rug  Spa has to offer. The Ultimate Rug Spa offers the best upholstery cleaning in Ventura County and in Santa Barbara! Our upholstery cleaning service can make your furniture feel, smell, and look amazing. Our upholstery cleaning equipment is run off our powerful truck mounted steam cleaning units that have the power to make sure that your upholstery is cleaned to perfection. Pet odor, stains and other dribbles on your upholstery won’t last long after the Ultimate Rug Spa Upholstery Treatment!

You might be thinking, is there much of a difference between a portable upholstery cleaning machine vs our equipment and much of a comparison between the two different types of cleaning? Portable upholstery cleaning equipment are powered by small motors that do an alright job extraction, but it can’t really be compared to our truck mounted steam cleaning units that are powered by the driveshaft of a V8 motor.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

in Ventura County & Santa Barbara Area

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For odor removal and stains, the process of cleaning your upholstery is relatively the same. We utilize a combination of our Kelly Cleaning cleaning elixirs which are all Green Seal Certified (Eco-friendly) the greatest upholstery cleaning equipment on the market.
Our truck mount heat extraction units have a water temperature past 200 degrees celsius that is forced into the fibers of the upholstery and then extracted with a powerful vacuum. This action will penetrate past the first layer of fabric of your upholstery with superheated water and it will encapsulate the dirt, debris, and smell. These encapsulated particles and then extracted leaving not only the surface of your upholstery cleaned but also deep inside the cushion of your upholstery.
This method of cleaning is essential to making your upholstery look, feel, and smell like new. Stains and odors will embed themselves deep beneath the surface and no matter how many times you clean the surface or vacuum your upholstery, they will always return. The only way to permanently remove these unwanted symptoms is by removing the odor and stains from their source.
If you are interested in having your upholstery cleaned or if you would like a free estimate on cleaning your upholstery, please give us a call at (805) 644-0846 or email us at UltimateRugSpa@KellyClean.net. If you want to learn more about our Rug Cleaning Services or our Carpet Cleaning Services click on the links.
Also, if you are interested in our rug cleaning services, don’t forget to chek out our step by step cleaning process below.