Rug Cleaning Ventura County

Like our company name describes, we don’t only just do carpet cleaning. We also provide the best rug cleaning service in Ventura County and Santa Barbara. We have a new state of the art Rug Cleaning machine that has been imported from Turkey, the rug cleaning capital of the world, to make sure that your rugs are receiving the best treatment they can have. Your rugs will be saying, Ahhh… by the end of their visit! Our special cleaning elixirs are Green Seal Certified meaning that are being treated with only eco-friendly cleaning products. Your rugs experience at the spa will include:
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If your rugs are in need of some tender love and care, then take them to the Ultimate Rug Spa or give us a call at (805) 644-0846 to receive a free quote over the phone. We will take care of your investments and return them to you with your satisfaction guaranteed. We specialize in all different types of rugs:

Click the respective services if you are interested or if you are wanting to know more about our Upholstery Cleaning Services or our Carpet Cleaning Services. If you would like to receive a free estimate over email, send us a message to our email address with a brief description of your rugs and if possible an image. Or you can click here to fill out a form regarding your rugs.
Also, you can check out our step by step rug cleaning process.