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Everything You Need To Know About Cleaning Pet Urine Stains and Smell From Your Rugs

When you bring a pet into your home, everyone will warn you about the responsibility that comes with it. You must schedule vet appointments, keep your four-legged friend up-to-date on their shots, and figure out where they will stay or who will look after them when you need to travel. You’ll also hear about pet hair getting absolutely everywhere, chewed-up shoes, ruined curtains, and more. However, what you won’t learn until it’s too late is just how difficult it can be to remove pet urine stains and smells from your rugs and just how often you’ll have to do it. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you out.

It happens to everyone

First, you need to know that most pets will pee on the carpet at some point. It can take a while to potty train puppies, and accidents will likely occur a few more times, even after your animal has started learning to go outside. Cats will sometimes refuse to use a litter box, even if they have used it before… Seems like they are trying to frustrate us at times… If your pet is fully potty trained, they might still pee on the carpet or rug because of medical issues, stress, excitement, marking their territory, or they might be fightened. Whatever the reason, check with your vet first to eliminate the possibility of a medical issue, then clean your rug and floors thoroughly! Any residual urine scent will only encourage your pet to keep urinating there.

Things you need before getting started

You’ll need the right equipment to ensure that your carpet or rug is cleaned correctly and that there are no residual stains or smells that will encourage your pet to keep urinating in the same spot. Your essentials are as follows:
  • Rubber gloves – high-quality rubber gloves will protect your hands both from the pet urine and
    the cleaning solutions you will use;
  • Sponge – a good sponge will help you properly spread the cleaning solution over the rug;
  • Cleaning products – Kelly Cleaning’s Lucky Charm works wonders for removing stains and Kelly Cleaning’s Goolie Gobbler removes odors without discoloring or damaging your rugs;
  • White Terry Cloth Rags – these rags are super absorbent, ideal for soaking up both pet urine

    and the cleaning products you used;

  • Trash can – to keep the smells away, throw the gloves, sponge, and the white terry cloth rags
    you used.

It’s a good idea to keep all these supplies in stock at your home to quickly and efficiently remove pet urine from your rugs as soon as you notice it.

Use enzyme cleaning solutions for best results

For small stains and dribbles, Kelly Cleaning’s Lucky Charm does an amazing job of removing surface level stains. For larger accidents, you will want to use an enzyme cleaning solution like Kelly Cleaning’s Goolie Gobbler to remove the odor and stain at it source.

Rug cleaners come in all shapes and sizes, and most are exceptionally harsh on your rugs and dangerous for your pets and your household members. If you want to remove stains and smells from every carpet type without ruining it and while keeping everyone in your home safe, you’ll want to use enzyme

Instead of harsh chemicals, enzyme cleaners have non-pathological bacteria that remove stains and smells using natural processes. These bacteria digest organic matter, such as pet urine, accelerating its decomposition and quickly removing it from any surface without leaving unpleasant odors.

They’re gentle on your rugs and perfectly safe to be used with children and pets around.

How to clean fresh stains with enzyme cleaners

It’s always in your best interest to clean fresh stains as soon as you notice them. If you leave pet urine on your carpets too long, cleaning it with regular household cleaning products could become impossible. Here’s how to remove fresh dog and cat urine stains from your rugs.

Blot up the liquid as much as possible
Use sponges and white terry cloth rags to remove as much liquid as possible. You want your rug to be almost completely dry before you continue cleaning.

Apply the cleaning enzyme to the area
Generously spray Goolie Gobbler cleaning enzyme over the stain. Make sure to cover the entire affected area.

Let it rest for 15 minutes
Since Goolie Gobbler is an enzyme cleaner, it will need a bit of time for the non-pathogenic bacteria to properly digest all organic matter. Let the cleaner rest for about 15 minutes, ensuring your pets and
household members don’t disturb it. The smell should intensify after sometime, don’t worry, it’s part of the process

Blot up the enzyme cleaner
After 15 minutes it should almost dry by the time you work with it again. Gently blot the enzyme cleaner with a new clean sponge or rag. There’s no need to vigorously rub the area as the cleaner will have already lifted the stains and smells.

Air-dry your carpet/rug
Finally, let your rug air-dry. If possible, leave it out to dry in the sunlight. Not only will it help the
moisture evaporate more quickly, but the UV rays will also help remove any other odors that may be present in your rugs.
These methods work best on fresh stains that haven’t been left to dry in your rugs. Kelly Cleaning can assist you if you’re dealing with stubborn, dried stains.

Our truck-mounted steam cleaning units can remove pet stains from carpets and furniture upholstery. Steam cleaning units can remove stains and lingering smells deeply embedded in your carpets and furniture.

As for pet stains on rugs, our new Ultimate Rug Spa will pamper your rug to perfection. Our in-office rug cleaning equipment will keep your rugs in pristine condition no matter what stains they’ve taken on.

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Fresh pet urine stains can easily be cleaned with enzyme cleaners like Kelly’s Goolie Gobbler. However, if you’re dealing with stubborn stains and odors that seem cemented into your rugs, allow our specially trained technicians to handle them for you.